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Diva Novelty Kitchen Sponge

diva washing-up sponge

Guys, are you sick and tired of all those singing Diva’s that cannot keep their mouths shut? It is time to put them to good use. Shove them in a dirty glass and scrub. The Diva Novelty Kitchen Sponge is reminiscent of Diva singers over the last 20 years and makes a fascinating conversation piece for your kitchen and a good way to workout some anger issues on your glassware.

If you are not into the Afro look Diva you can select the Beehive Diva, or the Punk Rock Diva. All of them reach deep down your glass and get it sparkling clean. These fun Diva sponges are cheaply priced at around $6 on Amazon. You might even want to crank up the tunes while you do the dishes and scrub to the beat. That way you can have fun and get finished faster.

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