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You Can Now Get A Drake “Hotline Bling” Holiday Sweater, And It’s Awesome!


Since day one we have been huge Drake fans. The Toronto-native rapper has been at the top of Billboards all-year-round and for good reason. His songs are catchy and his latest, “Hotline Bling” is constantly being hummed. If you haven’t seen his music video you should check it out here as it features one of the funniest dances around. Not that Drake is doing anything out of the ordinary, but his dance is just so versatile with any song you overlap his video with.

For those of you Drake fans who want to immortalize the track on a piece of clothing, you must check out this awesome holiday sweater. The sweater will be available on Nov 8th, so be sure to pick one up before it’s too late! [Purchase]

drake hotline bling sweater