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Drone Survival Guide to Help Prepare Yourself for Unmanned Danger

drone survival guide

Did you ever stop to think it would be necessary for you to know all about drones? We always considered them to be a tactical weapon for use in battle and surveillance overseas in battle zones, but times are changing. The military, border patrol, FBI, NSA, and local law enforcement groups all have strong desires to increase the use of drones over our own lands. They are not alone. Businesses are seeking permission to use drones for delivering packages, monitoring their properties, and for scientific tests. The Drone Survival Guide gives you silhouettes of all the common drones in use today, so when you see something unexpected zipping overhead, you can quickly identify it.

The use of drones over US and European soil my be limited today, but the FAA predicts within less than 20 years there will be over 30,000 drones in the air within US airspace at any given time. Maybe you should print out this handy guide and get ready now.

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