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DuoBuds Easy Share Headphones

duobuds easy share headphones

How many times has someone asked what you are listening to? How many times did they ask if they could listen for a moment, or longer? The DuoBuds Easy Share Headphones offers you a cool way to share your tunes, talks, and other media without giving up your own headphones. The high-quality headphones use a special connector to allow you to share in an instant. Just flip open the tiny cover and plug in another pair of DuoBuds or other 3.5 mm headphones. The cool thing about sticking with DuoBuds is you can keep on stacking more headsets on so more people can listen.

The sharing feature is cool, but just as impressive is the sound quality, comfort, and beauty of these headphones. Think how perfect DuoBuds would be on a date so you can share some music, watch a movie together, or laugh at some YouTube pranksters at the same time. The DuoBuds Mates sell for $39.95.

Via DuoBuds