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English Garden Worm Gin


english garden worm gin

Brits love their gin. Brits love their gardens. But do they really love to combine those earthworms they dig up with their gin? In a new marketing challenge to Mexico’s Tequila Worm (actually a moth larvae), the crazy folks at Firebox have come up with their English Garden Worm Gin.

Firebox makes the audacious claim the worm adds flavor to the gin, but do we really care? The real joy of this bottle of booze is the shocked look on your buddies and female friends faces when they see that earthworm floating in the bottle. You can just imagine the bets and challenges erupting among the guys on who has to eat the worm. You may even have one or two brave women who step up and want to give the worm a try.

Firebox is offering the English Garden Worm Gin for just over $30, which is a cheap price for an entire evening of fun, challenges, laughter, and yucks. You can find this insane bottle of booze on the Firebox website. Please check to see if it is available to ship to your location before ordering.