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Float Water Relaxation Cap

float water relaxation cap

Meditation is great, but who wants to sit around staring at a burning candle on a hot summer day? It is time to do your meditating and relaxing the cool Icelandic way with Float.

The Float gear is a an inflatable headpiece and support straps for your legs. Once you put on this cool gear, you can just lay back and relax. Float keeps your head up out of the water, while the supports keep your legs comfortably level.

You can float on the surface of a pool, or stream, for hours with zero effort. Of course, if you are floating outdoors, you better be using a great sunscreen because there is a good chance you are going to lose track of time as your worries wash away with the quiet motion of water and your complete relaxation. You’d hate to end up with a wicked sunburn.






Via HiConsumption and Float on Big Cartel