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Galaxy Fleece Wall Mural

galaxy fleece wall mural

You dream of living among the stars, stepping into a spaceship and venturing where no man has gone before. While that may not be possible today, you can feel like you live among the stars with this fun Galaxy Fleece Wall Mural. The mural is made from a soft to the touch fleece material that warms the room while adding view-port to the stars. This starry wall decoration is glued to the wall using the provided glue, but the company claims the mural is still easy to remove and the glue can be cleaned from the wall with ease.

Whether you want to create your own star room or have a child with fantasies of space flight, this wall mural is an easy way to create a stunning starscape that is also easy to clean. The mural sells for $168.99 and measures 37.4″ x 106.3″

Via Your Deco Shop