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Gentleman Ice Tray

gentleman ice tray

It is time to party like a gentleman. Grab your bowler or top hot, put on your glasses, and do not forget your bow tie. Oh heck, why don’t you toss on a fake mustache to go along with it. Ok, maybe you do not want to wear all the crazy gear, but it sure looks great floating in your spiked punch bowl or glass. These fun ice trays let you create some crazy cubes that add to the fun of you party.

If you want something a little different you can freeze colorful fruit juices or KoolAid to make ice cubes that make your gentleman ice cubes stand out. The Genteman Ice Tray is available on Amazon for $9.98, but yo may want to buy two or three trays to make sure everyone gets a bow tie or mustache to cool their favorite drink.

Via Amazon