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HiddenRadio 2 – Wireless Speakers Disappear into the Room


We hate ugly speakers. So does the team Hidden Radio Design. They hate boxy speakers. They hate wires. They hate plastic looking garbage. What they love is going to amaze you. The new HiddenRadio 2 is a cylindrical wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker with zero wires. The speakers are rechargeable with a battery life of around 15 hours. The beautiful polished metal body makes the speaker look more like a room decoration. You can place two of these great looking speakers side-by-side to create stereo via their built-in wireless link, or spread them around your house to have your music play in multiple locations. The intelligence to create the links is built-in, too.

The HiddenRadio 2 can be pre-ordered now for a price of $149, and comes in 4 different metallic colors.

Via Gear Culture and Hidden Radio Design