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Hilarious Wall Hanging Eyeglasses Holder

wall hanging eyeglasses holder

Where do you store your eyeglasses and keys? Is it somewhere funny? This Wall Hanging Eyeglasses Holder is 100% hilarity and fun. Go ahead, mount a huge nose on your wall and a set of handlebar mustaches. The nose holds your folded eyeglasses or sunglasses in place safely and out of the way. The mustache can hold keys or other small hanging items. From now on you will always nose where your glasses are. Nose-body is going to have to help you find your keys or glasses again. All you have to do is think of something funny and you will know exactly where to look.

The funny Nose Wall Hanging Eyeglasses Holder is available on Amazon for $38.00. Nose, that’s not a joke, it is really only $38.00.

Via Fab