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Husband’s Hilarious Sexcuses Spreadsheet Goes Viral


Excuses for not having sex have been the topic of jokes for as long as any of us can remember, but this husband’s spreadsheet may have gone a little past a joking matter. The 26-year old husband started keeping a spreadsheet documenting every time his wife denied him a little “marital bliss”, along with her excuse. When his 26-year old wife took off for a 10-day business trip he sent her the spreadsheet with a comment about why he would not miss her for the next 10 days. Instead of letting it go, she decided to share the spreadsheet with the world via Reddit, which has now gone viral resulting in many comments she may have never anticipated.

Instead of sympathy from women around the company, men have stepped forward to point out their luck has not been any better, and frequently much worse. One comment even asked it it would not be better for men to have an “app for that” instead of using a spreadsheet. Next time, it might be smarter to take a little “recreational” vacation together, instead of sharing with the world.

Via Reddit