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iBell Mini Wake-Up Alarm

ibell mini

Your excuses are finished. You can never claim you slept right through your iPhone’s alarm again. If you can sleep through the iBell Mini Wake-Up Alarm there is only one reason. You are a zombie. This little dual clanger alarm mounts to an iPhone 4 or 4s port and is guaranteed to get you up and moving. The tiny alarm add-on gives you the same sound as an old-time windup alarm. There is one warning that needs to be mentioned. You might have picked up an old windup alarm and slung it across the room in disgust, but that is not advisable with your iPhone. Alarm clock $5, iPhone $500, you do the match. But at least you won’t miss getting to work on time.

The iBell Mini Alarm for around $17, less than the price of most decent alarm clocks.

ibell mini

Via Amazon and Gadget Review