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Ice Cream Door Stop

ice cream door stop

How many times have you watched as a child dropped their ice cream cone and it splatted ice cream down? It is one of those traditional, sure to happen, ear-splitting moments we see every summer. That ear-splitting comes from when the kid screams in horror and then begins yelling they need another cone. This year you can beat the disaster to the punch. The Ice Cream Door Stop looks just like an ice cream cone you or a child dropped onto the floor, right against your door. At least this time it is not a disaster.

The door stop is made from an ooey-gooey looking vinyl that simulates the look of melting ice cream perfectly. The melting cone can be used to secure a door, as a fun paper weight, or to torment family, friends, and co-workers. Imagine the fun you can have keeping this cone handy. Wait until you see kids being served ice cream cones and sneak it into a corner on the floor. Soon you’ll hear the raised voice of a parent wanting to know who dropped their ice cream cone and walked away. The real fun begins when they go to clean it up. Just make sure you are nearby to reclaim your cone, or it may go into their stash or confiscated toys.

The Ice Cream Door Stop is available on Amazon for $12.

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