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Incipio Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case

stowaway iphone wallet case

The Incipio Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case is an awesome way to help you eliminate pocket overload. This cleverly designed case uses a silicon sleeve wrapped around your iPhone to cushion it from falls and protect it from damage. You insert the wrapped phone into the hard polycarbonate shell for added protection and a few great bonuses.

The shell has a swing open back cover which can be used as a convenient stand for holding your iPhone when you want to watch movies, but has an even better use. The cover has a small compartment hidden underneath which can hide several credit cards, your ID, and a small stash of cash. You can completely eliminate your wallet from your pockets and just take your iPhone and Stoaway wallet case out on the town.

The case includes a cutout opening for the camera lens of your iPhone making it a breeze to take pictures while the phone is still tucked safely in the case. The Stowaway case sells for $34.99 through the Incipio online store. The phone is available in 6 different color combinations.