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iPhone 5 Strap by Poddities

netsuke iphone 5 strap poddities

When is an iPhone 5 strap accessory not a strap? That is a good question to pose to Poddities. They eliminated your need to choose a single strap to decorate your iPhone. Instead of creating a strap, they created a simple add-on for your iPhone 5 that allows you to use your own strap, a piece of string, a metal chain, or to even hook a lanyard to your phone. The small clip is attached over the iPhone 5’s USB port, but leaves it 100% accessible without removing the Poddities. WARNING: If you are using a Lightning connector, the iPhone 5 clasp from Poddities does not work

Do you want to use that old shoe string from high school for your strap? Grab a Poddities iPhone 5 strap from Amazon for approximately $38, and you are set.

Via Amazon