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iPhone Leather Case by Hard Graft

iphone leather case hard graft

You have probably seen other leather cases for the iPhone before, so what makes this one special enough to be featured on our blog? The Hard Graft iPhone Leather Case uses premium hides which must be very carefully selected, since each case is created from one piece of leather. This many seem like a small detail, but it is important. On many leather cases manufacturers use leather scraps since the pieces for each side can be small. Hard Graft takes extra care to make sure you get the finest, softest leather possible.

The next feature is exclusivity. The Hard Graft Leather Cases are being creating in limited quantity to make sure you will not become another “me too” victim in the office. The case looks and feels like a high quality Italian wallet, and it should. It may be even higher quality. The case is designed to allow you to keep your iPhone protected while you charge or listen to music. You can pick one up for just $55.