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JawSaw by Worx

jawsaw by worx

Trimming branches and brush with a chainsaw is usually filled with risk especially when you are stretching to make the cuts. JawSaw from Worx changes the way you will trim trees, bushes, and brush. Instead of having an exposed chain whirring around your hands it is safely wrapped in the jaws.

The jaws help you stay on the tree branch as you trim it, which increases your safety even further. With the long handle you can reach several feet away, control the cut, and avoid the branch constantly bending away from the blade.

If that is not a long enough reach just add on the 5 foot extension and you can reach low branches without ever climbing on a ladder. This makes it a perfect tool to keep branched off of your roof and siding without constantly moving a ladder around the house.

This is an electric powered saw which helps keep the weight down since you do not have a tank of gasoline weighing down your arms. The price of the JawSaw is comparable to lightweight chainsaws at less than $150 through Amazon or you can buy it on a payment plan from Worx.

Via Worx