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Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece

jim beam masterpiece

Jim Beam has probably already reserved a special place on your bar, but now you are going to need to make more room for Jim’s family. Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece is a real work of passion. The bourbon is a 100-proof vintage given extra special care by Master Distiller Fred Noe. Fred places the barrels for the Masterpiece product in the prime aging locations in the distillery to make sure they are the finest liquor available.

The bourbon even spends a little extra time soaking and aging in PX sherry casks to give it a special flavor with a little deeper richer taste. The bourbon is then bottled in an artistic glass decanter and encased in a wooden frame to showcase and protect the bottle. This amazing bourbon sells for $200 for a 750 ml bottle. You can always run to Kentucky and grab a bottle right away, or watch for it to show up in local liquor stores soon.

Via Jim Beam