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John Deere Gator RSX850i

gator rsx850i john deere

People from farming country think of John Deere in terms of slow moving gigantic tractors. The Gator RSX850i is a dramatic departure from a slow moving tractor. This nimble utility vehicle from John Deere can rocket from 0 to 30MPH in less than 3 seconds and will scoot along at a top speed of 53MPH. The two cylinder V-Twin motor is 839CC of fun. It pumps out 62 horsepower and over 42 pound of torque.

The RSX850i includes an integrated roll cage to help keep you safe if you are speeding across the dunes, or just hauling supplies across your fields. The Gator is equipped with two passenger seats outfitted with 3 point seat belts to keep you safely in place.

The RSX850i has on demand 4 wheel drive for when you need that extra climbing power and grip or can be ran on 2 wheel drive to save on fuel. This Gator is available in three colors combinations including the traditional John Deere green and yellow, a olive and black combo, and the camouflage edition for hunters.

You can learn more about the Gator RSX850i on John Deere’s website and even custom configure your own.