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Kreweser – The Electric Trike That Brings The Party Along for the Ride


Riding around on an electric trike is not always cool, but if it is a Kreweser, you will be the center of the party. Kreweser is a fascinating innovation in Electric Trikes with its built-in 94-quart cooler that doubles as the seat for the bike. You can cruise up to the party with dozens of bottles of your favorite soft drinks or brews to start the party. Of course, it is not really a party until you add in the music, and Krewser can supply that, too. Add the optional Bluetooth speaker system and you can start cranking out tunes from your mobile devices with 400 Watts of power.

The Kreweser is powered with a 500 Watt motor that propels the trike up to 18 MPH and can keep you going for up to 16 miles before requiring a recharge. Kreweser is getting ready to launch their Kickstarter funding on September 17th with the first 16 units selling for just $695, with regular pricing starting at $995.

Kreweser Motorized Cooler

Kreweser Motorized Cooler


Kreweser Motorized Cooler

Via HiConsumption and Kreweser