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Kukeman Roof Top Tents

kukeman roof top tents

That luggage rack on top of your car, truck, or SUV just became functional. The Kukeman Roof Top Tents are an exciting way to turn your vehicle’s luggage rack into a fast escape home. The Kukeman tents come collapsed inside box that mounts right to your luggage rack. When you pull into the campgrounds all the other campers are going to think you lost your mind.

You just pull down the small included ladder, climb up, and unfold the box. Then you pop-up the tent in a few moments and have a safe and secure sleeping are with a little added safety. The floor for the tent is created from the sides and bottom of the box. The ladder allows you to easily climb inside. Think about the added safety. You are not going to get washed away by running water. You are not going to have snakes, lizards, or mice join you in the tent. Then in the morning you just fold it up and hit the road. Clever idea. The tents sell for around $1100.

Via The Fancy and TepuiTents