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Leather Alcide Pouf by Porada

alcide pouf porada

We need to warn you right away, the Leather Alcide Pouf by Porada is not always leather. Yes, you heard that right, the Alcide Pouf might be cotton, cashmere, velvet, denim, sheepskin, or any other fabric you can imagine. Porada by default makes the Alcide Pouf in a variety of rich leathers, but offers clients the wild opportunity to send in their own fabric to build their own wild, unbelievable chair.

The Alcide Pouf comes in two different sizes. You can grab the smaller unit that is only 39″ tall and 43″ square. The larger couch is still 39″ tall, 43″ deep, but is a full 93″ long, making it a great backless couch, lounger, or sleeper for any room in the home.

Imagine how much fun you could have going out and exploring a fabric shop to come up with your own wild design for Porada to transform into one of these cool chairs. For the couch you have to come up with 320×140 cm of fabric, but you only need 180×140 cm for the square one.

The small unit in leather from Porada retails for almost $3000. If you want one built with your own custom fabrics, you need to contact Porada for a quote.

Via Porada