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Luchador Bottle Openers Rip Open the Toughest Bottle

luchador bottle openers wrestle caps

Whether you have a passion for Mexican wrestling or anger at a stubborn bottle cap, the Luchador bottle openers are ready to give you a victory. These tiny Mexican wrestlers are ready to tackle, twist, and rip the cap off a beer or other beverage.

Your friends are either going to die laughing as you wrestle your bottle cap or be lining up to find out where you got your mini wrestler. Do not be fooled by their cute appearance. These tough guys are very effective at putting a neck hold on a bottle and popping the top right off.

The bottle openers come in a variety of colors including blue, red, and black. You may want to order the entire set of wrestlers so you can have battles right on your kitchen table. With a price of only $8 each you can buy them all without emptying your pocket.

Do not forget to warn your beer bottles that they are about to be assaulted. You can find these cool bottle openers on Amazon and on the Kikkerland Designs website.

Via Gizmodo and Kikkerland