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Metrodeck Playing Cards

metrodeck playing cards

The Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce campaign just found a new ally in the playing card industry. Metrodeck cards are some of the most intriguing cards you can find. These cards are printed on the back of recycled New York City Subway cards. What better way to reduce the trash in the subways and increase the fun in the world? The only curiosity is the fact  you might start remembering what card is which by knowing what ticket they are printed on.

The cards are the right size, feel great in your hand, and shuffle easily. The card face if printed on the face of the fare card leaving the original colorful print on the opposite side. The cards sell for $550 making them a very premium deck of cards, but you are not really buying them to save the environment, you want them because they are cool.

metrodeck playing cards

Via Etsy and Luxury Launches