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Midnight Black Capital Headphones by AIAIAI

headphones aiaiai

The magic of the Midnight Black Capital Headphone from AIAIAI starts with the deep black color and folding design, but those are just aesthetics. The real magic is hidden inside these cool looking headphones. You are looking at strong headphones created out of nylon and reinforced with fiberglass. They have a three button remote that allows you to control volume, your phone, and other features right from the cord.

These headphones have been tested in the rain, snow, and heat of summer and withstand them all. Of course, the most important feature is the sound. The titanium drivers make sure you get crystal clear sound with perfect reproduction. Oh, did we mention they look cool, you can fold them down to a tiny size for carrying with you, and they only cost $100. Now that is an incredible array of features at a great price.