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Most Expensive Golf Clubs in the World


How much do you love the game of golf? Is it $75,000 worth of love? That is the price that Honma Golf has conjured up for their top of the line set of clubs in their premium golf bag. Are the clubs worth it? First take into consideration Honma clubs are not sold directly to the public. You must go through a golf specialty center and have the clubs custom fitted to your game play. That alone adds some major value. The clubs are perfectly balanced and designed to help you knock strokes off your game. Maybe a few bonus points there.

Now for the bottom line. Are they really worth it? Let me ask you a better question. Are you worth it? If you want a $50,000 watch, a $100,000 car, and expensive vacation destinations, then we can say without a doubt, these clubs are worth every penny, just for the experience of owning them.


Via Born Rich and Honma Golf Products