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Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire Blaster

nerf n-strike rapid fire blaster

Are you ready to do battle at your next BBQ or pool party? Forget about wimpy squirt guns and single shot Nerf guns. It is time to beef up your weaponry with the N-Strike Fire Blaster from Nerf. This fantastic weapon can hold up to 144 Nerf darts on a single loading. Having plenty of ammo is not enough. You need the ability to shoot it fast to catch those guys running for cover. The N-Strike lets you shoot just as fast as you can pull the trigger. You can take charge of the backyard war with a Nerf weapon that takes the battle to a new level.

Just remember, you need to lead a little when you take those shots. The Nerf darts can fly 75 feet to catch your enemies off-guard. Are you ready to be the champion of the backyard battles? You can get in the game for under $40 on Amazon.

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