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Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System


If you are looking for a sexy-looking pod-free coffee system, Ninja really kicks it into high gear. This impressive machine can brew either a single serving or a convenient carafe of coffee depending on your needs. With the Ninjas brew settings you can enjoy delicious Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty, and Cafe Forte brews.

Classic – is your go-to daily balanced cup of coffee
Rich – is your pick-me-up-after-a-long day cup of coffee
Cafe Forte – is ideal for lattes
Specialty – creates a super rich 4-ounce concentrate that you can use for hot, cold or frozen espresso style drinks.
Over Ice – specifically for chilled coffee and will not be watered down

Along with custom brews, the Ninja Coffee Bar has custom brew sizes such as cup, xl, travel mug, half carafe, full carafe, etc. You can enjoy delicious coffee with milk with the included frother. Many upgrades are possible depending on your needs but this machine is one heck of an awesome addition to your kitchen or office.

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