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You Will Never Be Able To Guess What This North Face Moon Parka Is Made From

spiber moon parka

We couldn’t believe it ourselves and part of us even wishes we didn’t know. The latest parka design from North Face, Moon Parka, is made from spider silk. But why would they? Do you know that spider silk has some incredible properties we never knew about such as it’s as strong as steel, tougher than Kevlar, and lighter than carbon fiber. Though we are not talking about cultivating actual spider silk from some sort of spider farm but the synthetic version of it. A Japanese company called Spiber joined North Face for this endeavor and has created the perfect parka from its QMONOS fiber.

Though the jacket is still in its prototype stage, the Moon Parka is based on North Face’s Antarctica Parka, and features an outer shell woven from GMONOS. The parka is only available in this sort of off-white/gold color which is actually the natural web color of the golden orb spider.

We are thrilled to see the strives North Face is taking to partner with leading companies from around the world to create some awesome looking, eco-friendly performance gear.


You can see the production process, in the video below.

via Spiber, and Goldwin