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One Night Stand Potion – Prepare for A Sinfully Pleasurable Night

one night stand potion

One Night Stand Potion from Dude Sweet Chocolate may be one of the naughtiest concoctions to hit the shelves this year. This bottle of sinful delight starts off with 100 Anos Tequila, the national tequila of Mexico. They then toss in a little agave as a natural sweetener, add some South American chocolate, and finish up with Valronha Cocoa. The combination is a wickedly delicious liquor syrup that is great for a wide variety of uses. Dude Sweet Chocolate recommends mixing it with 3-parts vodka to make a sinister cocktail with a wonderful chocolate flavor.

If you are not looking for a cocktail, then pour One Night Stand Potion over a bowl of sorbet for a exotic dessert. Just be careful about using One Night Stand Potion on a date, she is likely to come back again and again for another round.

Via Gear Culture and Dude Sweet Chocolate