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Onnit Primal Fit Kettlebells

primal kettle bell onnit

Kettle bells have become one of the first choices for strength athletes, CrossFit trainers, and fitness buffs. When you are working with kettle bells the best attitude is to go primal, to let it all loose, and go for it. Onnit Primal Fit Bells help you release that inner animal, a ferocious ape, that is ready to rip those kettle bells from the floor and fling them around with ease.

The Onnit Primal Fit Bells have oversize grips to make it easy to grab them and hold on. The ball of the kettle bell is replaced with the face of a grimacing monkey ready for battle. These bells will grab attention and give you that added incentive to power through your entire workout. Release that inner beast that creates the best workouts possible.

The Primal Bell is 36 pounds of unmatched fury waiting for you to master them. You can grab one of these primal bells for $84.95, compared to $49.95 for their standard 35 pound bells. Replacing your standard 35 bell with a Primal will let everyone know you are ready to be an animal in the gym.

Via Onnit