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Pedal Power – Transforming Bicycle Pedaling Into Energy


Bicycles are one of the most efficient machines on the planet with an efficiency of 97%. Imagine if you could harness that efficiency for important tasks in your home, like charging your phones, to run an air compressor, to pump water out of your basement, or dozens of other useful tasks. This is just  few of the concepts that have been conjured by the Pedal Power team. The designers have created an efficient bicycle machine that allows a human rider to produce electricity or do other useful tasks effectively.

The idea is to combine the efficiency of bicycles, the desire for exercise, the tenacious human spirit, and to create a way to reduce our dependency on power companies all at the same time. You can learn more about their amazing project and help fund research or to get your own Power Pedal Big Rig on Kickstarter.

Via Gear Hungry and Kickstarter