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Perma Frost Hydra Bottle

perma frost hydra bottle

Toss your bottle in the freezer overnight and then fill it up in the morning with your favorite cold beverage. The Perma Frost Hydra Bottle will make sure you drinks stays ice cold for hours while you sip at your leisure. The best news is your drink never gets diluted with the melting ice. The bottles outer wall if filled with a gel that freezes ice cold and keeps your drink cold all day.

Surprisingly, the glass can be used for hot drinks, too. Of course, you do not want to freeze it overnight if you are planning to fill it with coffee in the morning. The gel provides a layer of insulation that will help keep your hot drinks hot longer, too.

You can grab a Perma Frost Hydra Bottle online for around $24 from a variety of vendors in red, smoke, or blue colors.

Via The Fancy