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Pet High Chair

pet high chair

Does your girlfriend or wife have one of those pesky little dogs that always jumps lovingly in your lap right when you sit down to eat? You love the dog, but you hate having it drive you crazy while you try to eat, work, or just surf the net. Pet Gear felt your pain. They came up with a their Pet High Chair that lets you strap the dog into a comfortable chair that clips on the edge of the table or your desk to keep the dog under control and out of the way. Your dog will love the chair because it lets him be right in the middle of the action. You will love it because the dog is out of your lap and not on the table.

The Pet High Chair is designed to hold dogs up to 10 pound, so no, that Rottweiler is not going to fit. You can order your Pet High Chair on Amazon for $44.99,  a cheap price to end those mid-meal licks in the face.

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