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Photoshop Keyboards Short Skin

photoshop shortcuts keyboard skin

Learning all of the intricacies of Photoshop takes a lot of time. This powerful program has so many features and finding them in the menus can take forever. The real Photoshop professionals all make it look so easy. They click, drag, click, and seemingly do everything without effort. That is because they learned all of the keyboard shortcuts the rest of us can never remember, until now. KB Covers created a great Photoshop Keyboards Skin that has all of those important functions right at our fingertips. You will quickly be flipping between layers, changing tools, and adding filters like a pro without over lifting your hands from the keyboard.

The Photoshop Skin from KB Covers cuts your learning time dramatically and turns you into an overnight expert. You can order one of the skins for under $35 from Amazon.

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