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Pizza Bean Bag Chair

pizza bean bag chair

Did I just hear you say you can never get enough pizza? Then sink your teeth into the cool slice of pizza heaven from WOW! Works. Their Pizza Bean Bag Chair looks like a giant’s slice of pepperoni pizza, but is actually a very comfortable bean bag chair. We have one issue with this chair. Since when does a chair lay flat on the floor? So, maybe it doesn’t qualify as a real chair, but if you are as big of a pizza lover as us, you’d love to lay around and watch a movie on your oversized pizza bean bag bed. Pull over the coffee table so you can toss a couple real pizzas on the table along with some soft drinks to make the perfect night in pizza heaven.

The Pizza Bean Bag from WOW! Works sells through Amazon for $99.95, not much more than a few pizzas for friends.

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