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Polar Bear in Your Freezer Ice Tray

polar bear ice tray

Don’t jump when you open your freezer door and are confronted with a polar bear. The Polar Bear Ice Tray from Black and Blum will quickly become one of your favorite refrigerator accessories.

The Polar Bear ice tray is not designed this way to be cute, it is designed to be effective. the legs create hollows for making perfectly shaped ice cubes. The body provides an easy storage area for the frozen ice cube. The sealed mouth helps keep odors from your refrigerator out of your ice. Think about all the times you’ve grabbed an ice tray and then discovered the ice tasted like the fish or other stinky foods you just froze, YUCK!

The Polar Bear ice tray is made from a strong dishwasher safe plastic and will last for years. How often have you battle to break ice cube free in a traditional ice tray? Just give your polar bear a little whack on the counter top to break the ice cubes free. You do not have to worry about pieces of ice flying through the air, or entire cubes scooting across the floor, since they are trapped in the bear’s body.

The Polar Bear tray cost 9.99 GBP through Black and Blum.

polar bear ice tray

polar bear ice tray

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