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Qube, The World’s Most Affordable WiFi Smart Bulb

qube smart bulb

Smart bulbs are quite the awesome invention. You can control them from your phone via WiFi, can change the colour and dim at your convenience. Though we’ll admit we are not early adopters of the technology due to their steep price, a new smart bulb has emerged that might finally win us over.

Competing directly against Philips Hue smart bulb sold by apple at around $80, the Qube has been officially crowned the world’s most affordable smart bulb. Unlike, the Hue, the bulb costs $19 if you buy it in small quantities and does not require any starter kit to run the bulbs.

The Qube is extremely easy to install and operate. It comes equipped with built-in WiFi and is compatible with iOS, Watch OS and Android devices. You can easily control the Qube from the comfort of your Apple Watch, iPhone or Android. [Purchase]