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Red Cup Partyware

red cup partyware

When is a red cup not a red cup? Answer, when it is Red Cup Partyware in the shape of coffee mugs, wine glasses, margarita glasses, cocktail cups, or the massive 32 ounce XL cup. Horror of horrors, these cups include zero plastic and require washing by hand or in the dishwasher. If  you want to bring the classic red cup party feel into your everyday life, the Red Cup Partyware provides an excellent option.

These ceramic cups are durable, washable, and great to look at. Besides, who wants to burn their fingers by putting hot coffee in flimsy red plastic cup? Get one of these fun ceramic party cups and start living every moment like it is party time. The partyware is reasonably priced with prices starting at $4 and going up to $10 for the massive 32 ounce version. It is time to get the party started, but make sure the dishwasher is empty first.

Via Red Cup Living