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Rudy’s Dirty Birdie Shower Kit

rudys shower kit

Getting clean like a man is never easy. The store’s shelves are filled with perfumed soaps and shampoos that make us cringe. You do not want to smell like lavender or roses. You want a man’s shower kit that makes you feel like a man. Rudy’s Dirty Birde Shower kit with Shower Bombs is just the ticket. You get a bottle of shampoo that combines a citrus and woody scent to get you clean and smelling great. The brown bottle of conditioner tosses in a little almond to the mix. The body wash continues the almond scent and is packed with nutrition for your skin. The shower bombs turn your shower or bath into wilderness oasis by scenting the air with eucalyptus and tea tree oil. All of these cool cleansers come bundled in Rudy’s green canvas tool bag, making  you ready for action.

Rudy’s Dirty Birdie Shower Kit sells for $83, or you can choose one of Rudy’s other kits or individual items starting as low as $9.

Via Rudy’s