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Salt Self Defense Non-Lethal Gun


Owning a traditional firearm is not for everyone. Gun violence is unfortunate and for those who want to keep their families safe, while using a non-lethal alternative, the SALT self defense gun may be your best bet. SALT’s founders believe that “A firearm shouldn’t have to take a life, to protect a life,” and it is from that very belief that this deterrent firearm was created.

Though it was resemble a traditional firearm, its founders, Adam and Andy decided to reinvent the bullet. A round fired from the SALT is comprised of a powerful toxin, that opens on impact, causing a cloud of incapacitating discomfort. The SALT does not have to be necessarily aimed at a direct target but can also be shot in the vicinity as its those powerful toxins that are released on impact that cause an intruder to runaway. [Purchase]

Check out the video below.