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Seasoning Sticks – Perfecting Flavor From the Inside Out

seasoning sticks

You buy that perfect chicken, prime rib, or turkey and get ready to cook it to perfection. You sprinkle the seasonings over the outside dreaming of the flavor they will add to the meat. Have you ever wondered how far those seasonings really travel inside the meat? It is not far. Seasoning Sticks are a cool innovation that let you put your seasoning inside a hollow spike with small openings. You drive the spikes into your meat and then start cooking. Instead of trying to push seasoning from the outside in, you start seasoning from the inside out. You can still add your seasoning to the outside, making sure your turkey, chicken, roasts, or prime rib have that perfect flavor from the outer edges to the very center.

The Seasoning Sticks are sold in sets of two, a long 10″ spike and a shorter 4-3/8″ spike. The pair sells for around $13 on Amazon.

Via GearHungry and Amazon