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Shocking Global Income and Population Infographic

global income and population map

Feel poor? Do you feel like your country is mired in a economic pit and it cannot climb out? Once you take a look at this infographic you may feel differently. Can you imagine living on just $2.50 per day? Over 3 billion of the world’s population survives on that meagre amount. Step down one more time to $1.25 per day. 1.3 billion people live on that tiny amount. This stunning infographic quickly lets us see where people thrive and where they struggle to survive.

An even more compelling fact is the estimate that $40 billion annually could feed, provide water, basic healthcare, education, sanitation, and even reproductive healthcare for women in these poor countries. How much is that? Just 7% of what the USA will spend on defense in 2014.

Via All That is Interesting