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Sly Fox 360 Lid

sly fox 360 lid

One of the biggest reasons many of us prefer bottled beer and beer on tap over a cold can of beer is that silly little hole we have to drink through. It is not the same as drinking from a bottle, it just feels a bit wrong for beer. Sly Fox Brewery and Restaurants have come up with an innovative new top of beer cans that hopefully is going to sweep the world. Their new Sly Fox 360 Lid turns your beer can into an incredible metal beer drinking glass.

They made the top of the can slightly smaller and used a rolled lip method of creating the edge. This provide a smooth drinking rim when you rip off the entire top of the can. The difference is intense. The beer can breathe like it is supposed to. You can smell your beer as you sip instead of just smelling a can.

Take a close look at that can. Imagine if we could get that lid on all of our favorite beers and soft drinks. It would increase the enjoyment of a cold beer or an ice cold soda dramatically. Those old pull tab or pop-in holes are hopefully on their way out to be replaced by the Sly Fox 360 Lid. It is about time.

sly fox 360 lid

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