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Snurk Bed Linen Trampoline – Jumping On the Bed Just Got Better


Your parents always yelled to stop jumping on the bed, You ignored them, because it is so much fun. Do you still jump on the bed? Do your kids jump on their beds? You can make the experience even better with the Snurk Bed Linen Trampoline. No, it does not add a real trampoline to your bed, it just looks like you did. The duvet is designed to look just like a real trampoline and comes with a matching pillow case. The folks a Snurk remind us that just adding the duvet does not mean you “should” jump on your bed, but you already know you will.

Instead of being like your parents, order a set of these linens for every child in your home. Put them on their beds and release the beasts to jump with wild abandon. Just like you did when your parents left the house. The Snurk Bed Linen Trampoline sells for $82.


Via Snurk