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Solo Shelter – Going It Alone in the Wilderness or the Backyard

solo shelter

Going on a camping trip, backpacking excursion, or other outing by yourself requires outfitting a little differently than a family outing. You want shelter that is lightweight, efficient, warm, and keeps you dry. The Solo Shelter is a strange looking shelter for one, but has all the features you want and need. At the entrance area, you have a 42″ high roof making it easy to change clothes and relax for while. The sleeping area flows down from the entrance, with walls that stay close to your body to help preserve heat and reduce the overall weight of the shelter.

The shelter’s total trail weight is just 4 1/2 pounds and packs down to a tiny 6″ by 15″ bundle you can stuff in your backpack or hang below it. The Solo Shelter sells for $379 from 5 Owls.

Via Uncrate and 5 Owls