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Sriracha Rooster Chili Sauce Lollipop

sriracha rooster sauce lollipop

Do you have a sweet tooth or a desire to burn your mouth on some sizzling chili? Lollyphile has created the perfect blend of both. They took the sizzling power of Sriracha Chili sauce out of China and concocted lollipops which are deliciously risky. These lollipops can server a dual purpose. You can enjoy the heat of the moment and pop one in your mouth to feel the burn. You get the same burn as the original Sriracha Chili sauce which is great in a bowl of chili, on a hamburger, or for dipping on fries. If you have an evil streak you can buy a few of these to hand out to unsuspecting friends or children and watch their faces turn to anguish as they feel the burn. Of course, there will be a few of those friends who look at you and say “Got anything hotter?”

One last thought on these clever creations. If you have a friend who loves hot food this could make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift. They will enjoy the fact you found something unusual, delicious, and delectably hot. You can grab a package of 4 lollipops for only $10 from Lollyphile.

Via Lollyphile