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Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Pop Tarts

star wars pop tarts

Can you picture a better night than sitting at home with a box of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts and the entire series of Star Wars movies? Ok, maybe it would be better if you had some Star Wars custom Pop Tarts. Do you remember the scene in Star Wars ¬†Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo is captive in carbonite? It is an epic scene and adventure from the Star Wars series that has now been imaginatively captured on a Pop Tart.

The idea for these fun Pop Tarts is exploding around the internet at the perfect time as Disney starts work on the next Star Wars movie for 2015. Sadly, these Pop Tarts are still a concept. This could be a clever ploy by both Disney and Kellogg’s to stir our imagination and get us ready to rip the products from the shelves if they release them to commemorate the new movies release, or even the build-up towards the new movie.

If you want to see these Pop Tarts become reality, go ahead an like them on our site, and send a powerful message back to Kellogg’s and Disney. We are all getting hungry for some Star Wars grub.

Via Foodiggity