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Star Wars iPhone 5 Cases by Power A

star wars iphone5 cases

You thought Star Wars was history. The movies are still some of the most popular in history and consistent top rentals and highly viewed movies on cable. Now we have the news a new series of Star Wars movies is in development. What a perfect time for us Star Wars fanatics to show our appreciation by adorning our iPhone 5 with a Star Wars Case from Power A.

Power A has taken the Star Wars theme and translated into a series of great looking iPhone cases. They have captured the look and feel of Darth Vader with their “Embrace the Dark Side” cover. The golden Droid Style case captures the metallic glint of C-3PO. You can grab a furry Chewbacca iPhone 5 case, the Wookie CoPilot. If you have the hero feeling running through your veins, grab a Hero Droid case designed to look like R2-D2.

Power A even created a pair of poster adorned iPhone 4/4s cases featuring the movie posters of past Star Wars movies. The iPhone 5 cases are on sale through Power A for under $35, with the iPhone 4/4s cases selling for just under $30. ┬áIf you’re trying to save money while sharing your passion for Star Wars, the poster cases are under $25 for the 4/4s series iPhones.

Remember, if you grab one of these cases you are required to change all ringtones on your phone to Star Wars. We suggest using a Darth Vader ringtone for all calls from the office, and R2-D2 for calls from home.

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