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Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table

star wars x-wing coffee table

Barry Shields understands our passions. He created this fantastic Star Wars X-Wing Coffee table in his workshop in Tennessee. Shields spent over 6 months creating this amazing table while he still kept working on his regular boring creations, the Star Trek tables. Yes, he understands our passions. What is really unimaginable is how cheap he is selling this table for. You can grab the table for $5,500 an amazingly low price for a custom table with this much intense work poured into it.

The ship is recreated in pain-staking precision and then a glass table-top is carefully added to make a table that looks great, but is completely functional, too. Amazing work from Barry, but now comes the hard decision. Do you get the Star Wars X-Wing Table, the Star Trek Enterprise Table, or both?

Via This Is Why I’m Broke and Barry Shields